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"Bioenergy" refers to renewable energy produced from biological sources. In Georgia, many sources of potential bioenergy production focus on what would otherwise be the waste products from agricultural activities. Current research efforts concentrate on cellulose from pine tree chips, switchgrass for its high yields and low inputs relative to other bioenergy crops, corn ethanol, fat, oil and grease from poultry processes, and methane from the anaerobic digestion of unsellable fruits and vegetables. Reflecting this potential of the state's bioenergy industry, Georgia has recently hosted the Southeast Bioenergy Conference.

As our nation looks to plants to satisfy its growing energy demands, University of Georgia researchers are searching for answers to both long-term and near-term research questions associated with bioenergy production.


Featured Publications

The Management and Use of Switchgrass in Georgia (B 1358)
Recently, switchgrass has attracted attention as a potential bioenergy crop. High yields of biomass with relatively few inputs make switchgrass a favorable choice for bioenergy production. In contrast, the use of switchgrass in pastures and hayfields in Georgia is limited because other introduced species (e.g., bermudagrass, bahiagrass, tall fescue, etc.) are more easily managed for high yields and forage quality. This publication provides basic information about switchgrass and its use as a bioenergy crop, forage crop, and wildlife habitat.

Canola Production in Georgia (B 1331)
Growing canola profitably takes planning and good management. All aspects of production from seed selection to harvest to marketing must be taken into account if the grower is to make a profit with this crop. Land preparation, fertility management, weed and other pest control, and timely harvest and marketing are all components of a good canola production package. Before you grow canola, dedicate yourself to make "best management practices" a part of your production system.

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