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Project Achievement

District Project Achievement or DPA is one of the biggest competitions that takes place annually in Georgia 4-H. 4-H students in the 5th and 6th grade choose any topic they are interested in and do research to learn more about that topic. They then write a 4-6 minute speech and create a poster or display to accompany their speech. At DPA, the students present their project for judges and peers. Students are scored on the accuracy of their information, structure of their speech, presentation skills and how well the poster or display contributes to the presentation. 4-H presentations help students achieve the 5th grade speaking and listening objective for the Georgia Standards of Excellence / English Language Arts. Students in the seventh and eighth grade are considered junior 4Hers and students in the ninth through twelfth grade are considered senior 4Hers. Junior and senior 4H students who compete in DPA prepare a portfolio, which is basically a resume with pictures, highlighting all their work, achievements and service for the past year. The portfolios equal half of the score. The other half of the total score comes from a prepared speech or demonstration in the student’s project area given at DPA. Senior 4H students who win first place or a sweepstakes in their project area compete at the state competition called State Congress in July. DPA is the culminating competition for the year in Georgia 4H and all students enrolled in 4H are encouraged to participate.

For more information on 4H Project Achievement, visit the Georgia 4H website!

2019 Cloverleaf DPA Registration Form