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Judging Teams

4H Judging contests are a tool used in the development of life skills. Participation in judging helps 4H’ers learn to make and defend decisions and to speak in public. 

Forestry Judging 

Forestry Field Day (FFD) is a competitive judging contest where we explore one of Georgia's most valuable resources. We will learn to identify trees, insects and diseases as well as using a compass, pacing activities and how to complete sawtimber volume estimations. Practices for this competition begin late in the summer. Forestry Field Day happens in September. Students in 5th-12th grade are eligible to compete.

Cotton Boll and Consumer Jamboree

CBCJ is a judging contest designed to teach students to be smart consumers. Students are required to create a short PSA promoting cotton as an agricultural commodity. They are also required to judge four classes of consumer items or services. Each class contains four similar items and had an accompanying situation statement describing the qualities that need to be considered when choosing an item. The items are placed in order from best to least choice for the situation and the student must justify their placings. 

Poultry Judging

Poultry judging provides an excellent opportunity for 4H’ers to learn about live chickens and the basis of grade and quality of poultry products. In Poultry Judging there are 6 classes; looking at live hens to determine past egg production, examining the quality of ready to eat carcasses, identification of ready to cook parts, exterior egg quality, broken out egg quality and inner egg quality. There is also a portion of the contest where students have to explain their ranking for one class, usually the live hens. Practices for Poultry Judging begin in the spring and the competition occurs in April. 

Life Smarts

LifeSmarts is an educational competition program provided by Georgia 4-H and the National Consumers League. The program teaches consumer literacy skills needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. Students participate online in a teams of 4. They study and take quizzes in personal finance, technology, consumer rights and responsibilities, environment and health and safety. As a team, the students take the online state qualifying exam the end of January and compete in the state competition in February. The winners of the state competition get to travel to the national Life Smarts competition. Life Smarts begins in Troup County in conjunction with Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging. Visit the Life Smarts website.