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Pond Water

If you are having problems with weeds in your pond, bring a quart jar (or equivalent) of the water with the weeds to the Extension office. This is a free test provided by the agent. Occasionally, if water quality is a concern, a Pond Water Quality and Algae Analysis may be requested. Testing fee is $110/kit. 

How to collect a Pond Water sample for PH and Hardness: 

  • Collect water samples from several different areas around the pond as far from the bank as possible during the early afternoon (if possible). Do this by holding a container collector under water and let it fill completely. 
  • Transfer the collected water to a large, clean container (ex. bucket/pail) that has been pre-rinsed with water in the pond. Continue collecting water around the pond and dump into same big bucket.
  • Thoroughly mix all the collected water in the bucket.
  • From the bucket, transfer water sample into a quart jar (or equivalent) of the water with weeds.
  • Bring sample to the office the same day sample is collected. 

Pond Water Quality and Algae Form
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