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Poultry Litter

Through the Agricultural and Enviormental Lab (AESL) in Athens, Georgia,  Spalding County UGA Extension provides testing for Poultry Litter. A Total Minerals Test (A1) is free of charge for Georgia Poultry Producers. Only the (A1) test is free; charges apply for other test on poultry litter. Please bring sample to the office to be shipped. Information will electronically uploaded online. The information collected will serve as a vauable contribution to our ongoing dadtabase for long term nutrient management planning. Test results will be emailed to you in 7 - 10 business days. 

How to collect a Poultry Litter sample:  

  • Samples should be placed in a pint size resealable plastic bag (solid sample) or plastic bottle (liquid sample). 
  • Glass containers are not acceptable because they may break in shipment. 

For more information, please contact 770-467-4225. 

Extension Publications
  • Environmental Factors to Control when Brooding Chicks (B 1287) The main objective in brooding chicks is to efficiently and economically provide a comfortable, healthy environment for growing birds. Temperature, air quality, humidity and light are critical factors to consider. Failure to provide the adequate environment during the brooding period will reduce profitability, resulting in reduced growth and development, poorer feed conversion, and increased disease, condemnation and mortality.
  • Maximizing Poultry Manure Use through Nutrient Management Planning (B 1245) This publication provides current information about the appropriate application and most effective use of poultry fertilizer. It will also help poultry producers develop a simple nutrient management plan that meets permitting authority standards.
  • Poultry Litter Application on Pastures and Hayfields (B 1330) Poultry litter is widely used on pastures and hayfields in Georgia. There are many benefits when it is used wisely. Producers should use nutrient management planning and recommended rates to ensure poultry litter is used in ways that maximize its benefits without harming the environment.
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