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County Council

What is the purpose of County Council?

The Rabun County 4-H County Council (commonly referred to as "County Council") is the youth led decision making body of Rabun County 4-H. County Council is composed of 8 elected officers. In Rabun County we have a Junior and Senior Board. Both Boards work together and the primary purpose of the County Council is to serve as the youth voice of Rabun County 4-H.


What happens at the meetings?

County Council meetings are the place where youth conceive 4-H activities and make recommendations to 4-H personnel about program governance. Youth plan countywide recreational events, service projects and fundraisers. All Council activities are conducted under the supervision of the Mrs. Donna Young, Rabun County 4-H Associate.

County Council Meetings

Council meetings are held from September through May of each year (total of nine meetings per year). Meetings are typically held at the Rabun County Extension Office. Meeting dates and times may vary. It is expected that all county council members attend the Council meetings.

How are County Council members elected?

County Council officers and board members are elected at the Officer Training meeting, which is held in October. The purpose of the Officer Training meeting is to teach the newly elected club officers about their position held and how to conduct 4-H meetings. Prior to this meeting eligible candidates campaign for County Council positions. Each club is responsible for sending their newly elected officers to the meeting, who in turn elect the County Council Board.

In order to run for a County Council officer position, an individual must (1) have a current Georgia 4-H enrollment form on file with the 4-H office, (2) be in grades 7-8 to run for Junior board and grades 9-12 to run for senior board, (3) enroll in a 4-H project, and (4) must campaign for office prior to the officer training meeting.

What are the benefits of getting involved?

Through County Council involvement, 4-H youth have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, give back to their community, stay informed about upcoming 4-H events at the county/district/state levels, and assist in planning county level 4-H activities.

It’s a lot of fun too!


For more information about Rabun County 4-H Youth Development Programs, contact us at or call (706) 782-3113.