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Judging Teams

Forestry Judging

Participants learn to identify trees, insects and diseases. They also learn compass and pacing and how to estimate sawtimber volume. The Northeast District Forestry Judging Copetition will be held in September in Hall County. Learn more at Georgia 4-H


Measuring Trees
Compass and Pacing


Dairy Judging

Participants will learn to identify breeds and evaluate classes of dairy animals to develop skills that contribute to profitable, efficient farming. They will also learn how to back up decisions made with oral reasons. The state Dairy Judging Contest will be held in March at the UGA Livestock Instructional Arena.

Holstein Foundation Dairy Judging Manual

Consumer Judging

4-H members will learn how to make knowledgeable decisions when purchasing good and services. They will also understand the importance of cotton as an agricultural commodity. Practices begin in the fall. The Watkinsville Area Consumer Judging Contest will be held in November at the Oconee County Civic Center.  

2016 Study Materials:
Commercials and Public Service Announcements
Formal Wear

Poultry Judging

Students will learn to examine eggs and grade for quality and how to candle to determine interior quality. They will also learn to evaluate live hens for their egg production. Area Competition will be held in April.

Poultry Judging Resources and Videos

Wildlife Judging

Competition requires contestants to identify wildlife and how to manage it. 4-H members will be challenged to evaluate habitats and preserve our natural resources. The State Contest will be held late fall at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.

National Wildlife Habitat Education Program Manual

Horse Judging

4-H members will learn to evaluate horses for conformation and performance to develop skills in the selection of horses. The State Horse Judging Contest will be held in April at the UGA Instructional Arena.

Evaluating Horse Conformation

Staff Listing
Kelle Ashley 4-H Youth County Extension Agent 706-769-3946
Allison Barnes 4-H Youth County Extension Program Assistant 706-769-3946