UGA Extension Office

Project Achievement

Project Achievement helps 4-H'ers develop both oral and written communication skills while giving them the opportunity to research a topic of their interest.


Pick any topic you are interested in! Do research to start becoming an expert on your topic.


Tell us anything and everything about it (factual information, of course) in a presentation. Create visual aids to help the audience learn more about your topic.


Write an essay to share your knowledge in the County competition. Share your knowledge in a 6 minute speech with visual aids in the District competition.


Have fun with other 4-H’ers while creating your presentations and after the competition!

To participate

  • Open to youth in 4th-6th grades
  • Contact the 4-H office to register and get topic approval by Feb 15.
  • Turn in an essay on your topic by Feb 18 for County level competition.
  • Then, create your visual aids, develop your speech, and practice, practice, practice to be prepared for District Competition on March 23.
  • After school workshops with 4-H staff will be held after school in the media center – dates will be shared with registered participants.

Cost: NONE! to participate.

  • 4-H covers registration fees, transportation to district competition, lunch at the competition, and can provide printing and poster supplies if needed.
  • Out of pocket costs would be limited to other materials for visual aids.

BONUS: Participating in District Project Achievement can help 4-H’ers earn a scholarship for summer camp!

For more information and to register contact:
Maggie Van Cantfort, 4-H agent