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Diagnostic Services

Several services are offered through the Madison County Extension Office.

  • Soil Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Feed & Forage Testing
  • Seed Germination (Sent to Georgia Department of Agriculture Laboratory)
  • Weed Identification*
  • Insect Identification*
  • Plant/Crop Diseases*
  • Turfgrass Diseases*
  • Tree Disorders*
  • Plant Identification*

(an * denotes services that are usually free of charge)

Please contact the Extension office at (706) 795-2281 prior to submitting water samples to insure proper sampling protocols are met.


Here's a video with Walter Reeves describing the benefits and basics of soil testing.

Tomato Plant

Soil Testing-

  • Routine (pH, lime requirement,P,K,Ca, Mg,Zn,Mn)  - $8.00
  • Organic Matter - $10.00  


Water Testing-  

  • Basic-$22.00
  • Bacteria-$36.00 
  • N03- $12.00
  • N02- $12.00
  • Lead- $40.00


Forage Testing-

  • F2 (NIR + Nitrate, exludes minerals)           $22.00 
  • F14 (Nitrate only)                                    $13.00 





Plant Tissue-

  • Nutrient Testing- $26.00

Pathology Samples (Disease Identification) -
    These samples are submitted to the UGA Plant Pathology Clinic.

  • Homeowner Samples - $10.00
  • Commercial Samples - Free

Georgia Agriculture Sales Tax Exemption Program (GATE)

The Georgia Department of Agriculture is implementing a sales tax program for agirucultural producers. Producer must submit an application and payment to become part of the program. More information is available at the GATE website.

Pesticide Applicator Licensing

The University of Georgia facilitates licensing for the Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator License.  The testing for this license is online and there is a $25 fee for this test.  For more information on receiving this license, please click here.

Also, the Madison County Extension Office conducts courses periodically for private and commercial pesticide applicators requiring continuing credit hours.




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