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Judging Teams & Competitions

Consumer Judging Team

Joining the 4-H Consumer Judging Team is a great way for you to learn how to make smart choices when buying things that you need! During the practices, you will learn to “shop” for specific items. You will also learn about the importance of cotton and talk about it in a commercial or public service announcement!

W.H.E.P. (Wildlife Habitat Education Program)

Members of the 4-H W.H.E.P. Team will learn about animals that live in nature and what they need to survive such as food and shelter.  4-H W.H.E.P. Team members will compete at the Georgia 4-H state wildlife contest in October to see who knows the most about wildlife management practices! To get ready for the contest, team members must practice.

Certified UGA volunteer, Mr. Donald Weitzel will coach the team.    

Forestry Judging Team  

Forestry Judging Team is a competitive Judging Contest where 4-H'ers learn about one of Georgia's most valuable resources. Participants learn to identify trees, insects and diseases. They also participate in compass and pacing activities and learn how to complete saw timber volume estimations. FFD provides an opportunity for youth to gain a better appreciation for our local forest resources and how they contribute to our economy and quality of life.

Poultry Judging Team


If you are you looking to be part of an exciting 4-H activity, join our Poultry & Egg Science Team! At the team practices, you will learn how to judge and handle live chickens and grade eggs (like the ones you see in the grocery store)! You will also compete in a contest with other 4-H’ers at the Henry County Extension facility in McDonough! The team is limited to 13 4-H’ers in the 5th - 12th grades.


Project S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education) is a curriculum based and designed to assist young people in personal development, establish a personal environmental ethic and explore life-long vocational and avocational activities.

Competition Guidelines:

Please review the 4-H Competition Guidelines for Modified Trap on the website below.
Competition Guidelines

Project S.A.F.E.   

2018 Georgia 4-H State Horse Show: June 11-15 - Perry, GA

About State Horse Show
The Georgia State 4-H Horse Show is held each June at the Agricenter in Perry, Georgia. There are no qualifying shows, and you can enter the State Show simply by being a member of your local 4-H club, owning or leasing your horse by March 1 of the current year, and completing the Novice Horseman workbook, which can be obtained through your local county extension office.

Classes are offered in five divisions:

  • Stock Seat (Western)
  • Ranch Horse (Western)
  • Hunt Seat (English)
  • Saddleseat (English)
  • Contest Events (Running)

All classes are offered in three age groups:

  • Cloverleaf (4th grade, 5th and 6th grade students with limited experience)
  • Junior (5th and 6th grade students with demonstrated skills, 7th - 8th grade students)
  • Senior (9th - 12th grade students)

A champion and reserve champion are named in each division and age category.

Entry Requirements

Rules and entry forms for the State 4-H Horse Show can be obtained from your local county Extension office.

Submit the following forms to your County Agent:

  • Intent to Show Form, which includes Proof of ownership or lease of horses, due March 16, 2018. 
  • Entry forms and fees are due  May 11, 2018.

To be eligible to compete in the 2018 State 4-H Horse Show:

  • Own or lease a 4-H project horse by March 2, 2018
  • Your county agent must complete on-line Intent to Show forms by March 16, 2018
  • Your County Agent must complete on-line Horse Show entry forms by May 11, 2018
  • Be an active, enrolled 4-Her in the county you live in or go to school in. 
  • Cloverleaf 4-H’ers must complete at least half of the Novice Horseman 4-H Horse Project Manual and senior 4-Hers must complete all of this book by May 11th. The Novice Horseman Book is the first in a series of three manuals offered to document Horsemanship skills gained through the Georgia 4-H Horse Program. All participants should complete a new Novice Horseman Book each year. The books are available at the link above or from your local county Extension Office, and it is the responsibility of the local County Extension Agent to check the books and sign off on their completion. This may be done in conjunction with a volunteer Horse Club Leader, but the Agent must sign the document.