UGA Extension Office

Southeastern Youth Kayak Championship

Schedule of Events Begin in February 2018

Calling all Youth Anglers.  Events are posted on our Facebook Page. On September 23, 2017 we hosted our Championship Event at Lake Laceola in Cleveland, GA.  Jake Bury, of Lawrenceville, GA, took home a brand new Jackson Cuda 12 Kayak.  Cody O'Neal, of White County 4-H, logged Big Fish and won a Denali rod.  In the Preteen category, Cade Henderson, of Floyd County 4-H, took home a Vibe Skipjack Kayak.  He also logged Big Fish, and won a new Ardent Spinning Rod.  A full write up can be found online on our Facebook Page.

Who Can Fish?

All youth 18 and Under are eligible to participate. Fishes must be logged during a formal event hosted by a participating club. All you need to do is email to let me know you'll be attending an event or post it up your results our Facebook Page. We have interest from High School Clubs, 4-H Clubs, Kayak Fishing Clubs and Individuals. Anyone is welcome!

Club organizers will be asked to verify the event and that the fishes were caught during the tournament in a legal fashion on public water. No private ponds. We hope to have participation from all the states in the Southeastern USA. Each participating club will handle their own individual liability waivers for their own events.

How Do CPR Events Work

Catch, Photo, Release format tournaments involve the use of a measuring board, camera and identifier. The key is to make sure the mouth of your fish touches the end of the board, that your identifier is visible, and that the tail lays flat on the board so a measurement can be recorded. In 2016 we also began enforcing a closed mouth rule.  The Hawg Trough style boards are easiest to read, which is why most clubs prefer or require it, but for Habersham 4-H, any measuring board is allowed. Your top 3-5 fishes will be considered for each tournament. The Top 10 will be considered for Angler of the Year. They must be black bass species - shoal, spot, smallmouth, redeye or largemouth. We also ask that you take a picture of you holding the fish, a picture of your launch point and a few scenery shots during the day to help us know where the fishes were logged.

What Kinds of Boats are Legal?

Participants are welcome to fish from any boat they are paddling. This includes kayaks, canoes, jon boats and peddle powered boats. Main point is - no motors are allowed. Anglers are also welcome to wade or fish from the bank at any tournament to log fishes if they don't own a boat.