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How to submit samples and How to bring them in our office

Submitting Samples by Photos and bringing them in the office

Our office offers diagnostic services to help with a wide variety of garden, home in both commercial and individual homeowners. We can't come out to all our calls, so sending photos of the problems and questions are very helpful in making the troubleshooting easier. When you submit photos remember to:

Use adequate light and neutral backgrounds. Take several pictures from different angles. In taking pictures of weeds, get the entire plant, the surroundings, and also the roots and leaves. Make sure you include information about the plant such as if it flowers, are the stems round or square, shape of the leaves and any berries or fruit noticed.

When taking pictures of lawn problems, make sure the surroundings are in the picture and light is adequate to show what the lawn looks like in an "overall" picture. Take up close pictures of a lawn sample and be sure to include how long you have noticed the problem, what kind of lawn it is (bermuda, zoysia, fescue). Most of the time, a few pictures and a call to our agent or assistants and we can help you take back your lawn to a beautiful landscape.

Photos should be sent to our agent, Tim Daly. You can email them to It is always best to give Tim a call and let him know that the photos are on the way and what the problem is. Keep them small so they will download quicker. Any questions, give us a call. 

Bringing in live samples of your lawn should consist of a square of the lawn that is about 4x4 inches. Be sure to dig down and include the roots down to about 3 inches. Bring the sample in after you call our office and make sure someone is in to discuss the problem. We will be happy to take a look and sometimes a soil sample is needed to be taken to find out the mineral and pH level in the soil. So, when you bring in your sample, go ahead and bring in 1 cup of dry soil taken from several places in your lawn and for $8 we can send off the sample while you are at the office.

There are many websites that are helpful for the homeowner/commercial person that would like to work on diagnostics themselves. Websites that end in .edu are often University or Extension resources of information. Consider your key words into the search engines with words about your topic such as fescue lawns, vegetable gardening, trees in Georgia, etc. Just always remember we are there to assist your with your questions and can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call 678.377.4010.