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How can we assist with your Agriculture and Natural Resource needs?

Our goal is to assist and educate hobby farmers, businesses, homeowners, gardeners and Master Gardener Extension Volunteers with information about plant identification, plant diseases, insect identification, pest control, and soil and water testing. We offer Lunch & Learn classes, soil and water lab analysis, and consultations with a UGA Agriculture agent. Open each of the pages listed to the left and find out more about our services.


Teachers, how about a school garden for Spring 2019?

Extension offers excellent opportunities for teachers to start a school garden. We can help answer the questions that often are addressed with the challenge: Who will tend the garden? Where will the funding come from? How much time will it take to get results from the garden? How big should it be? These and many more are answered on the webpage highlighted below.

We are extending our classes on school gardens and you can contact Kim Fritz about programs.

Here is the link to the UGA school gardening website with information. You can call Kim here at the office  678.377.4023 for more information and keep checking our website for updates.