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What are 4-H Clubs?

4-H clubs are available at the community, project, or special interest group level.

Community 4-H clubs have a planned program that runs throughout the year and focuses on a variety of self-chosen learning experiences and activities. Examples include photography, robotics, gardening, animal science, ecology, textiles, and cooking. 4-H community clubs typically meet in the evenings or on the weekend. Each county offers a variety of programs.

Project 4-H clubs also provide planned programs that run throughout the year and focus on one project area. Project 4-H clubs typically meet in the evenings or on the weekend. 4-H special interest groups are short-term, focus on a specific learning experience and are not limited to members of 4-H clubs

What is the mission of Georgia 4-H?

The mission of Georgia 4-H is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills, and forming attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. This mission is accomplished, through "hands on" learning experiences, focused on agricultural and environmental issues, agriculture awareness, leadership, communication skills, foods and nutrition, health, energy conservation, and citizenship.

Exploring and discovering, encouraging and challenging, that's what Georgia 4-H is all about. As a program of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Cooperative Extension System, 4-H is part of the nationwide Extension network.

4-H'ers are known for sharing their research-based knowledge and technology to people where they live and work. 4-H combines federal, state, and local expertise and resources.

Georgia 4-H, a partner in public education, is youth and adults learning, growing and working together to experience and accomplish the extraordinary.

4-H activities and programs are designed with kids in mind. It's a place for young people to interact with sharing adults. 4-H is made up of large groups of enthusiastic and motivated kids, in an environment which builds pleasant memories. It is an assembly of teenagers extending peer support rather than peer pressure in a forum to experience hands-on learning to produce a well-rounded person.

4-H'ers have the opportunity to learn by doing various 4-H projects. Each 4-H'er is encouraged to chose a project in the area of sports and recreation, sciences, human development, performing arts, public speaking, nutrition and health or leadership. 4-H'ers practice what they have learned through various activities such as: local, district, state and national project achievement competitions, judging team events, leadership development programs, community service activities and special interest clubs.

Outstanding members can receive recognition, awards and college assistance scholarships. With a goal of providing boys and girls opportunities for achievement and community involvement, 4-H is one of the most personally rewarding experiences a young person can have.

The National 4-H emblem is a four-leaf clover which represents the four-fold development of Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Youth learn why each of these is important and how they work together to produce a well-rounded person.

The four leaf clover signifies "good luck" and "achievement". Like the clover, 4-H represents the idea of a four-squared, well-rounded life. If it is good luck to find a four leaf clover, it is far better luck to know and live each "H" on the clover.



Gwinnett 4-H will be attending Rock Eagle 4-H Center on the dates of June 25-29,2018. Keep checking our website for updates on when the application and information will be available for 2018.

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