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4-H Summer Day Camps

Forsyth County 4-H is offering 6 different summer day camps that are open to all 4th - 6th graders. These Thrilling Thursday events will take place once a week (with the exception of 4-H Summer Camp week) in June and July. The flyer linked below includes information on costs, sign up, dates, times, and location. For more information contact the 4-H staff.

4-H Summer Day Camp Flyer/Application

2017/2018 4-H Activity List

The flyer below list all 4-H activities for Forsyth County along with tentative dates. Contact the 4-H staff for more information on any of the activities listed.

2017-2018 4-H Activity List

Summer day camp
summer day camp
summer day camp
summer day camp
summer day camp

Forsyth County Extension Fair Contest Info for schools

For our 2018 Scarecrow Classroom Contest please click the scarecrow below:

Open to grades K-5

For our 2018 Sweet Potato Contest details please click the picture below:

Open to grades K-12

4-H Photography Contest 

4-H State Council 

4-H Portfolio Week