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2017/2018 4-H Activity List

The flyer below list all 4-H activities for Forsyth County along with tentative dates. Contact the 4-H staff for more information on any of the activities listed.

2017-2018 4-H Activity List

Cloverleaf County Project Achievement (CPA)

Want to become a better public speaker and earn a FREE overnight trip to Fortson 4-H Center? If so, you will have the opportunity in County Project Achievement (CPA)! This FREE event is for any 4-Her in 4th-6th grade. You get to choose ANY topic you want to talk about and present it at CPA. CPA will be held from 6:00pm-8:00pm on Tuesday March 6th at Shiloh Point Elementary. To sign up, complete the online form below. Contact the 4-H Staff with any quetsions.

Cloverleaf CPA Application

CPA is the first of two competitions. 4-H'ers who place first, second, or third at this county level will advance to District Project Achievement, DPA where we will go to Douglasville, Ga to compete against 4-H'ers from many other counties. After this competition on Saturday, March 24th, we will leave from Douglasville to Fortson 4-H Center in Hampton, Ga for an overnight adventure to celebrate! This is a free trip but is only available to DPA competitors.

For more instructions on how to complete the 3-5 minute speech, see the project guide below.

CPA Project Guide

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