UGA Extension Office

Specialty Clubs

Forsyth County offers several Specialty Clubs that 4-H'ers can be a part of. the 4-H Horse Club is a long standing favorite, but each year we have new and exciting clubs that 4-H'ers may join. For more information about any of the Specialty clubs listed below, contact the 4-H Staff.

Horse Club

The Forsyth County Horse Club is a school year long club that meets 3 Mondays a month between 6:00-8:00 pm and is coordinated by both 4-H staff and certified volunteers. Horse Club meetings are held frequently at The Flying P Ranch in Cumming along with other various locations including veterinary facilities, show barns, and the board of education. Our hosts for each meeting alternate between equine veterinarians/specialists, professional horseman, and other equine handlers. Our club competes in four events over the course of the year, State Horse Quiz Bowl in January, State Hippology and State Horse Judging in April, and the State Horse show over summer vacation. Members of the Horse Club are not required to compete at any events, although we do highly recommend it. Over the year Horse Club members learn about all aspects of horse health, science, anatomy, riding disciplines, nutrition, medicine etc. Within our club we have 4-Hers from ages 9-19 with little to no experience to advanced horsemen’s. We welcome all to our club and we are thrilled to have you apart of the equine community! Owning a horse is not a requirement for being a member of the 4-H Horse Club.

State Horse Judging Competition

In the spring of each year 4-H Horse Club members gather at The University of Georgia’s Equine and Dairy facility to compete against other 4-H Horse Club members ages 9-19. Each County is allowed to have up to two Senior teams and two Junior teams. This event is a competition on equine conformation and showmanship. Members will judge a total of eight classes throughout the day, half focusing on conformation and the other half on performance. Upon completion of judging the classes each member will individually place their horses from best to worst and explain how and why they placed them with reasons. Then each member will present their set of reasons for selected classes to a judge. This event will help 4-Hers with critical thinking skills, decision making, and confidence. While in the beautiful city of Athens, Georgia, our team will tour the botanical garden, enjoy a celebratory dinner at our favorite pizza parlor, and have a blast!

State Hippology Contest

During the State 4-H Horse Judging event in the spring of each year, 4-H Horse Club members ages 9-19 may also compete at the State 4-H Hippology Contest. This portion of the competition is knowledge based on “the study of the horse”, to demonstrate each team member’s knowledge all members will take a written exam, participate in a series of timed questionnaire stations, a team question, and the Horse Judging portion. Each team must have three to four members to compete in Hippology. Each County is allowed to have up to two Senior teams and two Junior teams. If you want to compete in Hippology you MUST compete in Horse Judging as well.  As with State Horse Judging, the 4-H Horse Club members will get to enjoy the city of Athens, Georgia while touring the botanical garden, having a celebratory dinner at our favorite pizza parlor, and of course some fun late night study sessions!