UGA Extension Office

4-H Judging Teams

Forsyth County offers a wide variety of Judging Teams. These teams are all open to 4th-6th grade 4-Hers in Forsyth County. 4-H'ers learn a wide variety of skills from participating on Judging Teams including reasoning, critical thinking, teamwork, and decision making just to name a few. If you have questions about any of the Judging Teams listed below, contact the 4-H Staff for more information.

Poultry Judging

On this team, 4-H’ers will learn the standards used in poultry and egg production and marketing, then how to apply such standards in realistic situations. At the weekly hands-on practices, they will examine eggs for quality, identify ready to cook parts, and even learn to identify quality and potential egg production of live hens! The 2017 team will begin weekly practices on Tuesday February 28th 6:00-7:15pm at Coal Mountain Park

Forestry Judging

Forestry Judging is a friendly competitive event where 4-H’ers will learn about the different types of trees, the insects and diseases that affect those trees, how to pace, learn to use a compass, and find out how much lumber they can find in a single tree. 4-H’ers will be taught everything at practices, but are responsible to study their trees, insects, and diseases on their own. Practices are taught weekly at Coal Mountain Park. This is a great competition for those who love the outdoors and hiking!

Wildlife Judging

Wildlife Judging begins around September of each year. On this team, 4-H'ers learn about more than just animals. They learn all about native widlife species, animal identification, habitats, wildlife management practices, and how to apply those management practices to real life scenarios. The teams take this knowledge to an annual state wide competition at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in October. The contest consists of individual and team portions. The winning senior team (high schoolers) earn the chance to compete at the national level the following summer!

Consumer Judging

The Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging contest is a competitive event where 4-H’ers learn good consumer practices, and about cotton as an agricultural commodity in our state. This competition has two parts, the first being about cotton. 4-H’ers prepare short presentations in the style of commercials or PSA’s (public service announcements). These presentations showcase cotton and products that can be made from it. The second part of the competition is the Consumer Judging portion, where 4-H’ers rank similar items from best to worst according to a given scenario. These Scenarios describe a consumer and gives the needs to be considered when making a purchasing decision. Factors influencing these needs may include the person’s age, gender, available money, lifestyles, school or job status, or other preferences. The 4-H’ers learn to put their own tastes and preferences aside, and to focus on the scenario given. Once they have ranked the items for several scenarios, 4-H’ers will then present reasons/rationale of their rankings for one of the scenarios. 4-H’ers learn and practice these skills at weekly practices and then attend the competition in late fall.

Horse Judging 

In the spring of each year 4-H Horse Club members gather at The University of Georgia’s Equine and Dairy facility to compete against other 4-H Horse Club members ages 9-19. Each County is allowed to have up to two Senior teams and two Junior teams. This event is a competition on equine conformation and showmanship. Members will judge a total of eight classes throughout the day, half focusing on conformation and the other half on performance. Upon completion of judging the classes each member will individually place their horses from best to worst and explain how and why they placed them with reasons. Then each member will present their set of reasons for selected classes to a judge. This event will help 4-Hers with critical thinking skills, decision making, and confidence. While in the beautiful city of Athens, Georgia, our team will tour the botanical garden, enjoy a celebratory dinner at our favorite pizza parlor, and have a blast!