UGA Extension Office

Wildlife Gardener

The Fayette County Wildlife Gardener Program is a fun and interactive program where youth 3rd - 5th grade will explore habitats, birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, soil and water. Wildlife Gardener meets on Tuesdays from 4:00pm-6:00pm.


Think about the different insects you see outside. Are they all the same? You will learn ways of identifying insects and how to make an insect collection. You will also learn the difference between beneficial and harmful insects.


Take a walk on the wild side. Learn about common wildlife you may see in your backyard and identify them by their tracks. Learn ways to encourage wildlife into your backyard.


Did you know plants and animals live in different habitats? We will explore different types of habitats, animals and plants that live in them, and even build our own Education Garden.


Continue to check back for 2017 registration information. We are looking forward to it!


The Wildlife Gardener Program takes place on odd years during the fall. Registration opens at the end of summer. Be sure to check out our Junior Master Gardener Program which is offered during even years.