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2018-2019 Enrolloment is now open!

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Complete the 4-H Enrollment Packet and return to our office.

At this time we do not offer online registration for any of our events, clubs, or activities. If you are interested in signing up for any of these opportunities you will need to visit our office. 


Any person, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability may enroll as a 4-H member.

Youth who are in grades 4 through 12 may enroll in 4-H clubs and groups.

4-H does not charge dues or require uniforms. However, there are fees and dress associated with certain events and programs.

4-H Forms

This year all 4-H'ers will need to fill out one Code of Conduct! This one copy will cover all events that occur between August 1st, 2018-July 31st, 2019. We will still require a new Medical Release Form and Medicine Form (if needed) for each overnight event.  

4-H Code of Conduct

4-H Medical Release Form

4-H Medicine Form*


*This is a new form. The purpose of this form is to write out specific details about any medicines that we will need to administer to your child while they are with us. You only need to fill out this form if your child is taking a prescription or over the counter medicine that we will need to administer. It is not for generic over the counter medicines such as tylenol, ibuprofen, pepto bismol, etc. You only need to check yes or no to those on the Medical Release Form.