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Our Impact

Making A Difference in Our County

We're working hard for the citizens we serve. Here are some examples of successful projects from the past year:


Effingham 4-H members engage in extensive leadership training using the Georgia 4-H Certified Teen Leader training material, team building activities, recreation and evaluation. Youth that earn this certification consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership ability. Participants have a better understanding of leadership roles and how to assist younger students with confidence. The Georgia 4-H Teen Leader training program is a curriculum created to establish proper and consistent training for 4-H members to serve as Teen Leaders. Lessons include information on the physical, intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of younger students; qualities of a strong leader; communication skills; behavior management strategies; conflict management; responsibilities of a Teen Leader; and ways to engage youth. There is also a focus on 4-H policies in which participants are led in a discussion of expectations of their behavior as Teen Leaders. Effingham County 4-H’ers are offered workshop sessions to learn skills needed to serve as Teen Leaders and mentors. The skills and character-building traits taught by the Georgia 4-H Certified Teen Leader training are transferable to all aspects of a young person’s life. Teaching techniques are designed for participants working with younger 4-H members, and include the various ways to break into groups, alternatives to games and thinking outside of the box when working with younger students.


Agricultural producers in Effingham County are diverse in their commodity production. Many producers have livestock and produce row crops. Each commodity has production challenges, and Effingham County Extension provides educational programs to increase profitability and sustainability in both areas. Effingham County’s growing environment and soil type makes the production of row crops challenging and unique to this area of Georgia. Forages are the foundation of nutrition for cattle and the quality of forage directly impacts profitability for a producer. The dominant forage species in Effingham County are bahiagrass and bermudagrass. Incorporation of annual forage species could provide quality nutrition to cow-calf operators. Educational programs highlighting forage management and economic benefits were provided to all producers in the county.


Although Effingham County does not have a Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) agent based in the county Extension office, we work to assist local residents with their questions. Common questions cover food safety, food preservation, dealing with mold and mildew, healthy meal planning, nutrition, family budgeting, SNAP-Ed materials and more. These issues and others are answered through a wide variety of free UGA Extension publications available at the county office and through phone conferences with Family and Consumer Sciences agents from surrounding counties. Our office can provide requested information.

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