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Apr 23 Cooking for a Lifetime Prevention of Cancer Decatur, GA If you could reduce your risk of cancer and chronic disease, would you want to? This program will discuss American Cancer Society guidelines on nutrition and physical activity for cancer prevention and how to incorporate these recommendations in your daily activities. Cost: $10/participant
Apr 25 “Herbalicious -Herb Garden” Decatur, GA Herbs are valued for their aesthetics, fragrance, medicinal, and culinary properties. From this class, you will get practical tips for selecting, growing, harvesting, using and sharing herbs.
May 14 Bone Up on Health Decatur, GA May is National Osteoporosis Month! Discuss the importance of healthy bones, slip and fall prevention and what you can do to better support your bones so they can support you. Cost: $10/participant
May 21 “Basic Bonsai” Decatur, GA Talk about the basic principles of Bonsai. Our specialist will discuss plant selection, common tools, methods being used to style, prune, and wire, and routine maintenance. Also, he will give a pruning demonstration in the class.
Jun 4 “Diagnosing Common Garden Problems” Decatur, GA Wondering why your plants are turning brown, full of holes, not flowering or bearing fruit? In this session, we’ll look at examples of the most common gardening problems we face here in the Atlanta area.
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