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Camps & Newsletters & Fundraiser- Tomato Plant Sale


Cook County 4-H Club offers many Camps and District Project Achievements, which are divided into grade classes. These camp and projects alternate locations each year, from Tybee Island, Ga., Fortson, Ga., Dahlonega, Ga., Eatonton, Ga., and Jekyll Island, Ga.  Encourage your child to get enrolled into a fun filled Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter of events for excitement that will last a life time. We welcome all starting 5th grade students and the home schooled, and up to 12th graders join our 4-H Club to experience a load of lasting joyful memories that awaits you!


Cloverleaf Camp for 5th & 6th grade                          Cloverleaf DPA for 5th & 6th grade

Jr. Camp for 7th & 8th grade                                          Jr. DPA for 7th & 8th grade

Sr. Camp for 9th through 12th grade                           Sr. DPA for 9th through 12th grade

Sr. Xtreme Camp for Seniors at Rock Eagle





Cook County offers fundraisers to help send 4-H students to attend camps, those sales start in the month of March through June every year. They will also soon grow their own herbs, vegeatbles and flowers as a project for the 4-H students at the local 4-H extension office in the newly built greenhouse! This will be a fun experience for the kids to learn about planting and what it takes to grow an harvest vegetables, herbs, flowers etc.

"RED BOUNTY" TSWVR - Tomato spotted wilt virus resistant, $1.00 each. All funds goes towards 4-H Camps, Educational Events, and 4-H activities. These tomato plants are by far one of the favorite by the customers which grows very well and produces plentiful of fruit.

"Vadalia Onions" - We also sale onions for fundraiser to help kids go and enjoy camps, these onions are $10.00 a bag!

Come get your tomato plants and onions while they last through the months we have them for sale, March through June every year!! Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or please call 1-229-896-7456

4-H T-SHIRTS - 4-H CLUB also has cloverleaf logo baseball t-shirts for sale at $10.00 each. These funds goes toward the 4-H Club. Come by the office and purchase your shirt or contact Bonnie, Haliegh or 4-H office at number above.

Tomato Plants