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Which license do I need, Private or Commercial?

A Private Pesticide Applicator license is needed if either of the following statements is true...

  • I want to purchase and use a Restricted-Use pesticide (RUP) on my property or the property of my employer to produce an agricultural, ornamental, or forestry commodity.
  • I want to supervise the use of a Restricted-Use pesticide (RUP) on my property or the property of my employer to produce an agricultural, ornamental, or forestry commodity.

A Commercial Pesticide Applicator license...

  • is required if you want to apply a Restricted-Use pesticide (RUP) and you do not qualify as a private applicator.
  • is required if you work for or as a licensed Pesticide Contractor applying any pesticide to the lands of another for a fee unless you work under the supervision of someone else who has a Commercial Pesticide Applicator license.
  • does not permit you to charge a fee unless you also have a Pesticide Contractor license.
  • is required for Restricted-Use pesticide purchases, and these must be confined to only those categories for which you are authorized by your license.


Georgia Private Pesticide License

The Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Exam may be completed on-line by going to

There is a four minute how to video for the on-line test.

You need to make sure that you are connected to a working printer.  When you have finished the exam you will need to print your certifications of completion, you will then need to bring that and appropriate identification (required by the Georgia Department of Ag) to the Columbia County Extension office.  You may go to this site, to determine what identification you need.

When you get to the Columbia County Extension, an affidavit will need to filled out and notarized (notory is available at this office).


On-line Exam instructions:

1. Go to

2. Select “Create New Account”

3. Complete registration form.

4. Verify account by selecting the link provided in the email sent to your account.

5. Enter in “PPE2014” without the quotes when asked for an enrollment key.

6. Review the 12 videos and take the three mini quizzes before taking the final test. The final test will not be available until you have

    taken all three quizzes.

7. Successfully complete the final test then a certificate of completion will be available via a link at the bottom of the page.

8. Print your certificate and take required identification to your County Extension Office.


Georgia Commercial Pesticide License

What are the specific requirements for obtaining a Commercial Pesticide Applicator license?

  • You must pass an examination on the “National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual Second Edition 2014” and an exam on the appropriate categorical manual(s) with a minimum score of 70%.
  • Georgia Technical Colleges administer the computerized core and categorical exams at several locations around Georgia numerous times during the course of a given year. You select a location and date convenient to you.
  • Visit the Georgia Commercial Pesticide Applicator's Testing Information website for exam information and registration.
  • Order study materials from the University of Georgia including the “National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual Second Edition 2014” and appropriate categorical manual(s). Download the Pesticide Applicator Study Material order form (PDF).
  • The Core Manual exam tests for general knowledge on the safe use of pesticides.
  • The categorical exam(s) are more specific to particular types of pesticide application.
  • After passing the commercial Core Manual and (at least one) Categorical exams and mailing in the required forms and paperwork with a check or money order for $90 payable to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, your license will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks.
    • Verification of Lawful Presence (S&V Affidavit) Form
    • Copy of the id used to have the S&V Affidavit notarized
    • Exam scores
    • GDA Pesticide license Application
  • If you fail one of the exams but pass the other, your passing score will be held for up to one year. If you have not passed both core and category exams by the end of one year, you must begin the entire process again.