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                        Special Interest Clubs

                                               All of our specialty clubs are closed.

                                              They debut is set for September of 2018.  


Clay Pigeon Shooting Sports Club

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Sports Club is currently accepting new registrations. The Shooting Sports Club is only for the 7th grade and above. For more information about our Clay Pigeon Shooting Sports Club visit our Project S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education) web page.


4-H Rabbit & Cavy Club

Please contact our 4-H Volunteer Club Leaders, Marguerite Creekmore for information on joining our club or caring for our furry friends.

Members will be introduced to a wide variety of bunnies and guinea pigs & learns all about their housing and care.  After enrollment, the members pick their own pedigree bunny or guinea pig that best fits the 4-H’ers personality. Learn how to show your special bunny at rabbit shows and have the opportunity to win trophies and awards.

4-H Archery Club

This club is only for the most dedicated since activity fee includes archery equipment fitted for each 4-H’er.  The archery club meets weekly to earn patches & train for competitions.

If you would like to contact the club for more information pertaining to joining the club, please email them at:

The Archery Club Volunteer Leaders are Melinda Davis and Jake Martin.

4-H Trailblazers

Equestrian Club

            Like Horses?

Don't own your horse? No problem! This year the horse club will participate in two major events, the State Horse Quiz Bowl and Horse Judging.

If you have any questions for joining the club, please contact the club leader at:  

4-H Robotics Team

Robotics--More than meets the eye

Do you have an interest in robots? Let’s build and program the latest Legobots together! Transform your curiosity. Our 4-H Volunteer Leader is James Brown, email address at: .  

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