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Mar 1 Bring Color to the Garden with Annual Flowers Jonesboro, GA Grow a garden filled with flowers you can cut and arrange to make your home brighter or liven up a friend's day. Learn which flowers work best in Georgia for a cut flower garden. Identify the colors you love, the flowers you want, and start your garden.
Mar 5 Invasive Species and Native Plants Jonesboro, GA Ms. Karan A. Rawlins, Invasive Species Coordinator, Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, University of Georgia will present on invasive species and native plants. Ms. Rawlins will also provide information about how to use the SEEDn mobile phone application to map the spread of non-native invasive plants. By using the SEEDn app, individuals can help provide information needed to protect vital wildlife habitat, agriculture, forestry and recreational areas from the damage caused by invasive species.
Mar 13 Beehives and Bug Collections Jonesboro, GA Are you or your child fascinated by bugs? Maybe have an ant farm? Or love to watch butterflies flitting about flowers? This doesn't have to just be a hobby - you just may have a career as an entomologist in your future! Spend a morning with us learning about bugs (especially bees!) and how to pursue the fun career pathways that are totally buggy! UGA Extension is a proud partner of that Atlanta Science Festival. This Clayton County Extension event is part of the Atlanta Science Festival.
Apr 2 Pruning and Tree Health Jonesboro, GA Mr. Wade Hutcheson, County Extension Coordinator and Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, UGA Extension, Spalding County. Pruning is a way of promoting growth, encouraging fruiting and maintaining plant health. In addition to these reasons, pruning may also be used to control the shape and size of plants. The timing and techniques for successful pruning vary according the species, blooming time and environmental surroundings of individual plants. Come for a lively discussion of the "Three Ts" of pruning: tools, techniques and timing.
May 3 Shade Gardens: Hostas, Hellebores and Ferns Jonesboro, GA Is your yard too shady to grow grass? Grow a shade garden filled with hostas, hellebores and ferns. The subtle beauty of these plants provides lovely textures, colors and flowers that create a peaceful space.
May 7 Lawn Care and Maintenance Jonesboro, GA Mr. Winston Eason, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, Interim County Extension Coordinator, UGA Extension, Clayton County will present on lawn care and maintenance.The value of a healthy, well-kept lawn is more than ornamental. In addition to holding soil to prevent erosion, research has shown that a grassy lawn—also called turf—reduces heat by 30 degrees compared to a similar area of concrete or asphalt. Grasses absorb dust and produce oxygen. Learn how to choose the right grass for your needs, and the elements of establishing and maintaining your lawn.
Jul 9 Plant Pollinators - Keys to Food Production Jonesboro, GA Ms. Becky Griffin, Community and School Garden Coordinator, Center for Urban Agriculture, UGA Extension - NW District will present on plant pollinators and keys to food production. Ms. Griffin is also a Georgia Certified Bee Keeper. Join us to learn about the important connections between pollinators and food production.
Jul 12 Vertical Gardening: Jonesboro, GA Do you love to garden, but lack space? Urban residents find growing plants vertically is a creative way to garden in the city. We will look at several vertical gardens and explore the plants and methods that work well for vertical gardens.
Oct 4 Planting perennials for beautiful blooms Jonesboro, GA Have you walked by an old farm, where no one has lived in years, and seen beautiful daffodils or iris in bloom? Would you love to have flowers that come back year after year? Plant perennials. We will look at perennials that grow well in Georgia. You will leave the class with a list of flowers that thrive in our Georgia climate and information about how and when to plant these perennials.
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