UGA Extension Office

Master Gardener Class Agenda

2019 Class Agenda with PowerPoint Presentations

January 3 - Introduction to Extension and the Master Gardener Program by Amanda Tedrow  

January 8 - Basic Botany by Robert Wyatt

January 10 - Plant Physiology by Gary Wade

January 15 - Soil and Plant Nutrition by William Carlan

January 17 - Basic Entomology  and Using the Pest Control Handbook by Paul Guillebeau

January 22 - Insects of Woody Ornamentals and Turf by Paul Guillebeau

January 24 - Urban Trees by Rodney Walters

January 29 - Plant Pathology/Diseases of Woody Ornamentals and Turf by Jean Williams-Woodward

January 31 - Vegetable Gardening, and Crop Rotation by Amanda Tedrow

February 5 - Invasive Plants by David Coyle

February 7 - Integrated Pest Management by Amanda Tedrow

February 12 - Mid-point exam;  Herb Gardening by Pam Butts

February 14 - Small Fruit Production and Tree Fruits by Steve Brady

February 19 - Propagation of Ornamental Plants by Paul Thomas

February 21 - Developing a Waterwise Landscape by Amanda Tedrow; Composting by Suki Janssen

February 26 - Ornamental Care in the Landscape by Matthew Chappel

February 28 - Nuisance Wildlife by Michael Foster

March 5 - Insects and Diseases of Vegetables by Amanda Tedrow

March 7 - Turf Selection and Maintenance by Gerald Henry

March 12 - Landscape Design by David Berle

March 14 - Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs by Shelly Prescott

March 19 - Leadership/Communications/Gardening with Youth by Sheri Dorn

March 21 - Weed Identification and Control by Amanda Tedrow

March 26 - Selecting Woody Ornamentals by Tim Smalley

March 28 - Make up Day

April 2 - Final Exam, Callaway Building

April 4 - Reception, Day Chapel 6:00 PM