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Clover Connection is a monthly newsletter which highlight upcoming 4-H activities and events.  These are distributed in 4-H meetings at the schools. Newsletters will also contain details of contests that students can enter.  All youth are invited to attend 4-H County Council which meets outside of the school; and highlights additional activities.


4-H Enrollment Form

Medical Release Form: form completed for 4-H member for each activity and event

Code of Conduct: form completed on an annual basis, signed by parent and 4-H'er

Medicine Form: form completed if 4-H member has medication to be taken

Transportation Waiver: form completed if 4-H member is be transported by another 4-H'er or family to an event or activity

Change of Membership: completed in situations where 4‐H’ers would like to enroll in 4‐H in a county other than the home county, the request should be made for positive youth development principles and not for competitive advantage.

Forms listed above are in pdf format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.