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Summer Fun 2016

Registration Form for Summer Fun Activities 

Pickling Class: Dill Pickles: Wednesday, May 25th

Time: 1:00p- 5:00p
Grades: 4th and up
Cost: $10
Become a pickling expert and leave with your very own jars of homemade dill pickles!

Escape the Space: Thursday, May 26th

Time: 9:30a-2:30p
Grades: 7th and up
Cost: $30
A physical adventure game in which you are locked in a room with 4-H’ers and have to use the clues to solve the puzzle to escape the space before the clock runs out! We will join Oglethorpe 4-H and Baldwin 4-H and try to escape the space together! Bring money for a celebratory lunch afterwards in Athens!

Certified 4-H Teen Leader Training:Friday, May 27th

Time: 9:30a- 2:30p
Grades: 8th and up
Cost: $15
Become a leader in 4-H and earn your Teen Leader badge through the Certified 4-H Teen Leader Training! As of 2016, in order to serve as a Teen Leader on 4-H Trips, 4-H’ers must complete this training! After the training we will head to Athens for lunch and the movie: Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Spice It Up: Salsa Class: Wednesday, June 1st

Time: 1:00p- 5:00p
Grades: 4th and up Cost: $10
Are you a salsa lover? Or maybe you have tons of tomatoes to harvest? Join in for a spicy salsa class where you will make and preserve your own salsa and take home cans of your special recipe!

Sandy Creek Park Tailgate: Friday, June 3rd

Time: 9:30a- 4:30p
Grades: 4th and up
Cost: $7
Spend the day at Sandy Creek Park in Athens, GA swimming, hiking, and because what is better on a warm summer day then spending it lakeside hanging out with your friends? Includes lunch, snacks, and drinks. Be sure to bring towels, sunscreen, and a dry change of clothes.

Sheep & Goat Camp: Monday, June 6th

Time: 8:30a- 12:30p
Grades: 1st and up
Cost: Free
Learn how to prepare your 4-H sheep and goat projects for showing! If you have your sheep or goats you may bring them with you! Led by 4-H Lamb Showman Jordan.

Katelyn’s Kupcakes: Friday, June 10th

Time: 8:00a- 12:00p Grades: 4th-6th
Cost: $8
How much do you love a good cupcake?! Teen Leader Katelyn is going to teach you how to make the best cupcakes in town with special homemade icing! You take home what you bake!

Recycled Dioramas: Friday, June 10th

Time: 1:00p- 5:00p Grades: 4th and up
Cost: Free
Make the old new again with Teen Leader London as she teaches you how to make your own diorama out of recycled materials! You will need to bring items with you from home to add to the project.

“Our Future” Farm Tour:Monday, June 13th- Thursday June 16th

Time: 8:30a- 1:00p
Grades: 9th and up Cost: Free
It’s never too early to think about what you want to do when you grow up; why not have a career in the agricultural industry? Join us in the exploration of four different degrees in agriculture and farm tours to help you find the perfect future.

Six Flags White Water: Friday, June 17th

Time: 8:30a- 9:00p
Grades: 6th and up
Cost: $50
Splash and spend the whole day at Six Flags White Water in Atlanta! Includes lunch combo pass. Bring: swimsuit, towels, change of dry clothes, snacks, drinks and money for supper on the way home.

Wizard of Oz: Thursday June 23rd

Time: 5:00p- 9:30p
Grades: 6th and up
Cost: $50
Here is your opportunity to see a Broadway play at the historic Fox Theater in Atlanta! Sunday dress required. Bring money for snacks, souvenirs, and supper.

Paracord Fun with Emma:Friday June 24th

Time: 8:00a- 12:00p
Grades: 4th and up
Cost: $5
Learn how to make survival crafts with paracords! Teen Leader Emma will teach you how to make paracord survival tools and you will take home at least one paracord craft if not more.

State Council:Friday, June 24th- Sunday, June 26th

Depart: 4:00p on 6/24 and Arrive: 1:00p on 6/26
Cost: $50
For 9th-12th grade 4-H’ers – attend the best State 4-H Senior meeting of the year at Rock Eagle 4-H Center. Meet new friends, vote for State Board, semiformal dance, and the IRON CLOVER!!!! Represent Banks County and sign up for the Iron Clover when you sign up for State Council.

Poultry 101:Wednesday, July 6th

Time: 1:00p -5:00p
Grades: 4th and up
Cost: $5
Learn all about poultry and then cook a delicious chicken dip recipe! Led by Teen Leader Caitlyn.

Tubing in Helen:Thursday, July 7th

Time: 9:30a – 6:30p Grades: 4th and up
Cost: $20
Relax on a tube down the Chattahoochie, get wild in the waterpark, and climb a rock wall! Bring: swimsuit, towels, change of dry clothes, snacks, drinks and money for lunch!

Summer BlockbustersTime: 11:30a-3:30p

Grades: 4th and up
Cost: $10/movie
- Finding Dory: July 8th
-Secret Life of Pets: July 22nd
Bring money for lunch and movie snacks!

Chelsea’s Cake Creations:Monday, July 18th

Time: 1:00p- 5:00p
Grades: 4th and up Cost: $5
How much would you love to learn cake decorating techniques like the pros? Teen Leader Chelsea will teach you traditional cake decorating techniques and how to work with fondant.

Junior/Senior Kayaking Trip:Tuesday, July 19th

Time: 9:30a- 4:00p
Grades: 7th and up
Cost: $25
Spend the day Kayaking up the Broad River! Bring: swimsuit, towels, change of dry clothes, snacks, drinks and a sack lunch.

Keeley’s Cloverleaf Project Achievement Tips: Thursday, July 21st

Time: 1:00p- 5:00p
Grades: 4th-6th
Cost: Free
Prepare your Project Achievement presentation with tips from Keeley! Learn how to choose a project, research, prepare your speech, put together visual aids, and practice.

Kara’s Krazy Kamp: Wednesday, July 27th & Thursday, July 28th

Time: 1:00p- 5:00p
Grades: 4th – 6th
Cost: $20
You’ll never know what Miss Kara has planned – but you know it’s awesome!

Project Achievement Portfolio Workshops

Time: 1:00p- 5:00p Cost: $Free
It’s never too soon to working on your portfolio for Project Achievement! Portfolios will be due December 22, 2016 – why not come and get them finished at the 4-H Office! Bring your laptop/tablet. Lunch/drinks will be provided.
-7th grade: August 1st
-8th grade: August 2nd
-9th-12th grade: August 3rd