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Rabbit Club

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits!!!

Started in spring of 2013, the Hip-Hop Club has seen great success. 4-Hers that successfully completed the program felt that they learned about rabbit production, increased organizational skills, and developed financial understanding. And of course all of them learned about responsibility and caring for an animal!

Open to 4-Hers in Banks County in grades 4-12!

2016-2017 registration will be available August 2016

      It is a requirement of the Hip-Hop Club that all members:

  • Raise a rabbit
  • Attend rabbit 6 classes
  • Complete the Rabbit Record Book
  • Attend the Banks County 4-H Rabbit Show
  • We will have an Intermediate Level for returning members. While you have to the opportunity to raise a new rabbit, we highly encourage you to use your rabbit from the previous year!

Join us for the 4th annual Banks County 4-H Rabbit Show on April 23rd!