UGA Extension Office

Horse Club


1.To develop proper skills in horsemanship and knowledge in equine science regarding:Health Care

  • Hoof Care and Treatment
  • Horse Safety
  • Grooming of the Horse
  • Breeding
  • Riding Equipment
  • Riding Disciplines
  • Horse Evaluation

2. To develop an awareness of other 4-H activities and projects and to encourage participation in the wide range of 4-H activities and opportunities.

3.To develop well rounded young adults that have the ability to work well with others.

New for the 2015-2016 Club Year!

  1. Business Meetings will be held at Grove River Ranch in Gillsville, GA on the first Thursday of the month beginning at 6:00 PM. Immediately following the meeting will be a riding lesson for riding members.

  2. There are two type of memberships: Regular Membership ($10) and Riding Membership ($95). Only Riding Members can participate in the riding lesson after the meeting. Dues are paid on a yearly basis and are due by the October meeting.

  3. Grove River Ranch will provide the horses/equipment used for the riding programs.

  4. Members are not required to own horses. If a member does have a horse they will be allowed to use the Grove River Ranch facility after the meeting or riding program for $10 per visit.

  5. Members will be able to complete the Georgia 4-H Novice Horseman level during the year. If the Novice has already been completed then the member can move on to Intermediate then Master levels.

Horseman Project Manuals
Georgia 4-H Novice Horseman
Georgia 4-H Intermediate Horseman
Georgia 4-H Master Horseman