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Sheep & Goats



Goats were among the first animals domesticated by humans. Worldwide, more people eat goat meat and dairy products than the meat and dairy products of any other animal. Goats have proven to be an enduring source of tasty, low-fat meat and high-calorie milk for people in some of the globe's harshest climates. However, in the United States goat consumption is just beginning to take off.

Experts estimate that there are more than 3 million goats in the U.S. today. They fall into three categories: meat, dairy and angora. Popular breeds include: Boer, Kiko, Spanish Meat Goat, and Tennessee Fainting Goat (meat); Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian Dwarf, and Nubian (dairy); and Angora and Pygora (angora). There are also Kinder goats which are used for both dairy and meat, and Pygmy goats that are mainly used for pets.

The largest segment of goat production in the U.S. is the meat goat segment. There are an estimated 2.6 million meat goats in the U.S. Most of them live in Texas, but Georgia has the fourth-largest goat population east of the Mississippi River.

The growing Chicano and Latino populations in the Southeastern United States and in Texas have brought with them a historical preference for goat meat, also known as chevon. And this cultural preference has turned into to big business for those producers who can meet this steadily increasing demand for goat products.


Sheep are found all over the world. Most of them are domesticated, but some of them live in the wild. They are very social animals and live in groups called flocks.

Domesticated sheep may live on small farms or on large ranges. They like to graze and eat grass, but farmers may also give them hay and grain to eat. It is very important that they have lots of water to drink and shelter in very hot or very cold weather.


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