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Georgia's dairy industry became commercially successful in the 1930s. Today nine firms have a hand in the processing of milk and milk products in Georgia.

The dairy industry includes farmers, processors and manufacturers, who provide all the services needed to produce a variety of dairy products, and retailers who bring the products directly to consumers.

While the number of dairy farms in Georgia has declined over the years, the amount of milk per cow has greatly increased. Improved methods of selecting, breeding and feeding cows help ensure plentiful supplies of milk.


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Improving Dairy Heifer Reproductive Management (C 914)
This brief management guideline provides producers with specific management tactics that may minimize the potential for short- and long-term problems. These tactics, categorized in order of early, advanced, and severe drought stages, are based on specific characteristics including water loss, forage growth, and rainfall.

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  • American Dairy Science Association
    Provides leadership in scientific and technical support to sustain and grow the global dairy industry through generation, dissemination, and exchange of information and services.
  • Georgia Milk Producers Inc.
    Features pertinent information for Georgia's dairy producers. Sections include MILC payment program information, weather conditions and forecasts, dairy policy updates, newsletters, exchange quotes, an events calendar, and a classifieds section.
  • History of Dairy Industry in Georgia
    Details the history of Georgia's dairy industry, from colonial times and the introduction of Jersey cows to Putnam County in 1876, to the industry's advancements and innovations of present day.