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Ornamental Horticulture


With Georgia's excellent climate, it's no surprise that horticulture and professional lawn care and landscaping businesses are among the fastest growing segments of Georgia agriculture. Greenhouse horticulture contributed the most with 37.7 percent of the total value. The landscape and retail garden center sector also plays a large role. Greenhouses and container nurseries both ranked among the top 10 Georgia agricultural commodities in 2009. Lawn care and service industries employ more than 24,000 people in Georgia, and household spending on these services continues to increase.

The horticulture industry has a long history in the state of Georgia, thanks in large part to the former P. J. Berckman's Fruitlands Nursery near Augusta. Berckman's influence is still seen all across the South through his work in the fruit and ornamental industry. In 1908 the U.S. Department of Agriculture declared that he had done more for American horticulture than almost any other man.

Fruitlands Nursery became a world-class experimental station as well as a botanical garden that disseminated many of the most valuable plants of the Southern horticulturist including honey peaches, Kelsey plum, Japanese persimmon, hardy lemon, Amoor River privet, Berckman's dwarf arborvitae, eleagnus, wisteria, and other fruits and ornamentals. Fruitlands Nursery is still at the forefront of interest in Georgia. The nursery is now known as the Augusta National Golf Club and annually hosts the Masters Golf Tournament. The Augusta National Club House is the original family home of the Berckmans.

Horticulture and related professions are "Georgia's Green Industry" — thriving businesses providing an environmentally beneficial product to our state.


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