Justin Fowler is a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension specialist in poultry nutrition. He is currently researching the relationship between chickens and their feed, with the goal of improving their nutrient utilization.

“The shortest way to sum up my research would be by saying that I want us to be able to eat more chicken and eggs while using less chicken feed,” he said.

For Fowler, working with UGA Extension was a no-brainer: “I see the poultry industry as the most efficient provider of good quality protein to the world, and UGA Extension is the most effective way of interacting with and helping that industry,” he said.

The best part of working with Extension is “being able to interact with both new students and the people of Georgia,” according to Fowler.

Most of Fowler's work is about finding more efficient ways to feed chickens and, ultimately, humans. “The worldwide demand for quality nutrition will only increase from here on out, and it'll be farmers who step up to that challenge and meet that need,” he said.

“We are surrounded by a vast array of nutrients that go unused for human nutrition,” he said. “By raising chickens, we are able to take what are (to us) inedible ingredients and transform them into lean meat and nutritious eggs ... This is only possible if we provide them with all of the nutritional building blocks necessary for the job. And that's what I like to do with poultry nutrition.”

Fowler said the biggest challenge facing his field right now would be the threat of possible avian influenza.

“We've been focusing on making sure the state will be prepared for any potential avian influenza challenges that may come our way during the fall season,” he said. As a UGA Extension specialist, he will be “taking all of the preparatory steps we can to ensure we keep Georgia's birds safe.”

Fowler hopes that, through his research, “poultry (will) stand out as the world's leading source of protein, through both the meat and eggs we can get from well-fed chickens.”

Published October 14, 2015

Justin Fowler
Department of Poultry Science

Email: jfowl@uga.edu
Phone: 706-542-5567

"If I'm not at my desk you can find me ... on the road."

- Justin Fowler, UGA Extension Specialist in Poultry Nutrition

Ph.D. in Poultry Science from Texas A&M University; B.S. in Poultry Science from Texas A&M University

Angleton, Texas